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antony cairns


opening saturday september 6th
in presence of the artist
september 6th - october 25th

Antony Cairn's LDN Project is an odd architectural record. A metallic hallucinatory fever dream of London at night. Gone are the romantically lit city streets. Instead, light, fog and chemical drips become architectural forces – imposing themselves in from all sides, overriding the buildings and industrial alleyways. The lamposts and lit signs reveal and conceal a new city of diaphanous concrete and plate glass.

The pictures originate as 35mm transparencies, part-developed and then solarised before being re-developed for another five minutes or so. From inter-negatives contact prints are made onto pre-coated aluminium sheets.

A preview of the LDN series was presented at the 2013 Rencontres d'Arles show.



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